Mulvane Art Fair 2018

Featured Artists



Al Kris Clement

Columbia, MO

“Our goal is to create something of simple beauty and lasting substance, something that reflects the enthusiasm and love of clay with which it was made, something that will bring joy into the tapestry of your own life as you use it on a daily basis.”


Kendra Jennings


Phyllis Klima

Salina, KS

Victoria Gauerke

Topeka, KS

Daria Claiborne

Daria Claiborne graduated from Kansas State University in 1979 and has done many shows for her artwork. She does work in ceramics, making sups, tea pots and sets, wind chimes, and recently soap/lotion dispensers and toothbrush holders.


Anne Egitto

Lawrence, KS

“Anne Egitto moved to Lawrence, Kansas in 2008 to work on her doctorate degree in anthropology. She began selling her pottery in 2009 and received professional encouragement by being accepted into the 2012 Orton International Cone Box Show. She completed her doctorate degree in 2014 and now teaches college part time while keeping busy in the role of director of the Lawrence ArtWalk.  Anne creates functional pottery using porcelain and stoneware.  She is currently hand painting six different motifs and experimenting with wax resist decorations and decals. She will have new work/designs available for ArtWalk.”


Heinrich Leonhard

Heinrich Leonhard was born in Germany but raised in Missouri. After graduating college, Heinrich worked on archaeological digs before turning to collaborating with his mother on Tannenbaum Ceramics. Since collaborating, he has made ceramin ornament, sculptures, tiles and murals, and travled all across the Midwest to craft shows. Heinrich works primarily with under-glazes in his ceramic work and this allows his to create washes and clean bright colors.


Kritika Shetty

Topeka, KS



Sue Perez

“Currently I am doing a series of color pencil drawings featuring colorfully designed zentangle animals, Alaskan scenery and fishing themed art. In the planning, is a lighthearted series on the elderly and the imagination of children [Through the Eyes of a Child] Later this year watch for a series of fairy tale and historical themed color pencil drawings.”



Annette Gordon

Paola, KS

Stacey Utech

Glass artist Stacey Utech creates contemporary fused glass art, bowls and platters.  She has always been fascinated with copper, stainless steel and raku pottery. Her fused glass pieces are made primarily of highly textured, black iridescent glasses that resemble these media.

Rachel Rademacher

I am currently Vice-President of Rademacher Financial, Inc. Prior to joining my husband at Rademacher Financial, I was the Associate Director of Financial Aid at the University of Kansas. I oversee the operations of the firm and assist Phillip Rademacher, CFP on the financial planning side of the practice as well.
As Phill and I recently joined the “empty nest club,” I have more time for my creative outlet of glass fusing. Over the years, I have shown and sold my work at local art fairs and galleries.

2009 – Present (9 years)Lawrence, Kansas Area

This is my creative outlet I enjoy in my spare time–I love working with bright colors and interpreting the world around me through my glass pieces.


Douglas Sheafor

Douglas Sheafor is part of AlBo Glass, a family well known for production of glass forms. Doug and his family make pieces together and wish to create beautiful, functional, and funky objects to beautiful homes with affordable glass art.


Cindy Cherrington

Cindy Cherrington says, “I’ve always been creative in some way.  My mother was an oil painter and a trendy crafts person.  She was always working with my sisters and me to create art of any kind.  It’s in my blood and I suppose she was the instigator.”


Deborah Costello

Deborah Costello creates original stained glass or fused glass designs with hand-cut pieces of colored/textured art-glass. She constructs each stained glass panel using the traditional lead and/or copper foil methods.


John LaRosa

John LaRosa works with and designs fused glass. He is the sole artist and owner of LaRosa Design. LaRosa says, “Each one of my creations is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art.”


Laura Simone

Laura Simone says, “I started out exclusively in paint, oils to start, but I happened into a local blown glass studio (AlBo Glass of Topeka KS) and found myself with a job.  The learning of one glass sent me into others and in short order I was working in blown glass, stained glass and fused glass. When I was shipped off to train in blown glass at The Glass Forge in Grants Pass, OR, my instructor’s wife taught me the basics of stained glass.  Returning to Topeka, I juggled my college art courses (painting, drawing, printmaking, woodworking, photography and ceramics) with my art jobs, one working at the local blown glass studio and one as an apprentice at a local Stained Glass Studio, Creations Unique.  At Creations Unique I was introduced to fused glass and began making jewelry and attending art shows on the weekends to sell my creations.  In recent years I have also added more painted mediums and resin casting to my repertoire, as well as extending my knowledge of lampworking thanks to Third Degree.”


Pam Somerville

Pam Somerville has been making and designing her own jewelry for over 10 years. She uses her lampwork glass beads in her designs as well as Bali sterling, Swarovski crystals, and other gemstones.



Lisa Coyan and Barbara Schilling

Brad Egger

All of Brad Egger’s jewelry is handmade including prongs and mountings for gems. No casting is involved–it is all created using the fabrication technique. Sterling silver and a variety of precious and semi-precious stones are used.


Stacy Kleymann

Stacy Kleymann of GimStonz, a locally owned business in Andover, Kansas, specializes in creating handcrafter natural stone jewelry for over fourteen years. “From one-of-a-kind earrings, bracelets & necklaces to sets and custom orders, our purpose is to bring the organic lines and colors of natural stones to your wardrobe for wearable art on that special occasion or as a signature look.”


Britta McKee

Britta L. KcKee grew up in Osage City, Kansas and has found her passion in art. She says, “Starting as a 2nd grader when I won an award from the Osage City Fire department for my drawing on a take of “Stop, Drop, and Roll” theme! Throughout High School art has been my #1 love. I won many categories at our League Art Competitions. When I graduated high school in 2005, I knew I wanted to pursue art!” She graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing & Jewelry.


Nancy Goodall

Nancy Goodall is a Topeka artist who uses dichroic fused glass and precious metal wire wrapping to form the basic components of her collection. She believes price should not preclude owning art so she provides price points to make collecting art accessible to all.


Kristen Haug

Kristen Haug’s sterling jewelry pieces are one of a kind, and are built around unusual natural gemstones. In her Silver Lake, Kansas studio, she hammers, stamps, and acid etches the silver to create interesting textures.


Elle Binder

Elle Binder says, “Every Elle piece is completely handmade. I start with sterling silver sheet and wire and then saw, grind, hammer, stamp, shape, solder, shape (again), grind (again) and polish. What I end up with is a unique piece of wearable art, especially made for you. Something that I hope you want to wear every day, that becomes part of you.”


Jandi Burkett

Jandi Burkett began her metals career in 1996 and produced signature gold and silver designs for a prominent fine jewelry boutique. She opened her own studio in 2012. Each of her pieces begins as sterling silver sheet metal or wire and is then cut, filed, formed, forged, soldered, and finished by hand in her studio.


Christine Hartsock

Christine Hartsock started CEH Creations in 2007. All of her pieces are hand woven, using traditional bead weaving methods but with non-traditional materials. Things such as glass, metal, gemstone, and hardware components are some of the things you can expect from her non-traditional materials.

KC Khirfan

“Upcycled bits of history. We recycle and re-purpose found items from all over the world into unique, one-of-a-kind wearables. Share in our adventure!”


Kari Heybrock

Kari Heybrock says this about her jewelry, “Each piece of jewelry that I create has a great story along with great beauty, and, in a world of mass production, fast food, and convenience, it is a reminder that the purpose of art is to bring truth and beauty into our everyday lives. The fact that you can wear this art is just a bonus.”


Luke Swearingen

Wichita artist Luke Swearingen uses the finest gems and minerals and hand wire-wraps them in sterling silver and 14K gold-filled. He only uses hand tools and tension to set each of his pieces.


Chelsea McKee

Lawrence, KS

Chelsea McKee says, “I’ve long had a love for making things. Creating messes and masterpieces of all kinds. When good fortune and good people came along and introduced me to glass I found a medium that was as challenging as it was rewarding. I really love it.”


Julie Kingsbury

Lawrence, KS

Julie Kingsbury started making jewelry when she took a silversmithing class in High School. At 15, she knew making jewelry was something she wanted to do. Most of her deisgns are made from sterling silver and genuine gemstones, such as amethyst, lapis, jade, turquoise, and black onyx.


Patti Zeiche

Patti Zeiche from Sedalia, Mo., loves using trusted techniques such as wire wrapping, and employs new ones such as heat patina and acid etching on sheet metal. She says there are so many different patterns that arise and it’s always new and stimulating.


Bailey Marable

Bailey Marable finds a great deal of joy in the creation of her custom pieces of jewelry that help patrons feel closer to their home, their children, or their favorite quote. Her focus is on sawing; most pieces are created with sterling silver.  She often challenges herself with the tiniest of details. “My jewelry is created with care, attention to detail, and a very tiny saw blade.”


Sunyoung Cheong

Sunyoung Cheong has a Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. “From large scale wearable to small object, she uses various materials including precious metals, paper, plastics, fiber and wood to create meaningful and personal wearable art. Her interest is focused on wearer’s experience in space, object and emotion, occasionally with other people.”


Hanan Ingel


Amy Ludwig

Amy Ludwig of Ludwig Custom Metals does garden vision metal sculptures. She produces a wide variety of sculptures from animals to flowers at various sizes and price ranges.


Mixed Media

Joe Dumas

Joe Dumas is a blacksmith living in Alabama. Joe started out as a Journeyman Carpenter and Cabinet Maker until decided to teach himself Contemporary Artistic Blacksmithing. Here is what he has to say, “I was raised by my grandparents who lived through the Depression.  Where nothing went to waste.  Where it was reused.  Where it was passed onto the next generation.  We’ve become a “throw away” society.  I want to change that, one piece at a time.  That is my goal.  I want to create something that will be passed onto another generation, where someone will sit and say, “this was gramma’s bench”.  And have joy in it.”


Pamela Spika

Pamela Spika is an award-winning painter from Delta, Colorado. Pamela believes that art is an expression of creativity and should require so “arsty” explanation. Her technique spans over several mediums. “She draws her designs on paper or canvas. For some pieces, a collage of decorative papers is applied in the background. She then textures the surface to add depth and dimension. Once dry, she paints with acrylics and adds fine details with colored pencils, crayons, and metal leafing.”


Shawn Wolter

Shawn Wolter creates 2D non-objective abstract mixed media using a variety of media, including spray paint, collaged paper, and cassette/VHS tape to create black lines. He says, “to create and enjoy, to watch something become, to watch it grow–this I believe is the essence of every individual with a vision or idea.”


Bob Walter

Bob and Donna Walter are a husband-wife team of artists who collaborate to make their unique hand-made pieces. Their work revolves around a Southwest, Native American, or Wildlife theme. They believe in giving the piece of personality of its own. They bend, shape, cut, and wield their pieces of steel until they deem it ready for a finish.


Carla Walters

Overland Park, KS

Carla Walters creates her bright, fun mosaic artwork by using vintage china, old jewelry, beads, and found and repurposed objects. Her items are whimisical and functional.


Stella Coupe

Stella Coupe works with her husband Philippe to create unique and colorful abstract art. Their liquid sculptures are frozen in time with photography or in resin. “Since 2014, they collaborate to create mixed media painting and photography, sculpting artistic splash effects through physics and fluid chemistry. Working together, they set up camera and lighting equipment, including UV modified speed lights and strobes, such as those used in forensic photography or mixed pigments, paints by putting a wide array of fluids, all of varying colors and viscosities, to create their art. Their techniques make every art pop with exquisite detail and vibrant color.”


Susan Williams


Jenny Meyer-McCall

Jenny Meyer-McCall has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kansas State University with emphasis in painting. Her lifestyle and teachings allow her to be flexible and explore current color trends as well as visual and textural patterns. You can catch some of her work at the North Kansas City Hospital, Black & Veatch, Tippins, Midwest Builders Casualty, and Midwest Transplant Network.


Erin Keith


David Jessup

David Jessup like making unique bits of art by taking parts from toys and combining them to get a creepy amalgamation that would otherwise be classified as a doll. He takes inspiration from the movie Toy Story for his projects, even gives them names and backstories.


Eric Doucette

Eric Doucette is based in the Kansas City area and is a self-employed artist, painter, and faux finisher. Having over 15 years of experience, his focus is providing his clients with creative finishes unique for their home or business.


Larry Baker

Larry Baker has lived in Kansas City his entire life and started drawing at the age of 7. After the death of his father, Larry lost all interest in drawing until discovering the app “America’s Top Artist.” The media used in all of his artwork in pencil colors, magic marker and acrylic paints. Larry created the character Clump and continued to use and play around with him.


Neil Cluck

Neil Cluck says, “My work consists of areas of color representing the natural world, with consideration of hues over that of line or shape, extracting the essence of nature from the Babel of detail. After years of painting on canvas, I began to realize that 2-dimensional renderings, no matter how detailed, were only illusions of reality. For me, a 3-dimensional world required a 3-dimensional interpretation. I needed to pull my brush strokes off the canvas and out into the world; I wanted to paint on air. The switch to wood panels and sculpted wood forms was a solution to that problem.”



Stephen Smith

“Stephen Smith makes work drawn from conspiracy theory, bit-rot, black holes, psycho-geographic post-traumatic landscapes. Stephen works predominately with painting, drawing, print and installation. He uses a process of formal abstraction to deconstruct and reconstruct the form and language of the work. Through this themes, forms and motifs are built up and re-worked over time, with each iteration new works are formed in which the dialogue is in a state of flux.”



Melynda Van Zee

“Melynda Van Zee uses spiral imagery to express the deep inner work necessary to finding equilibrium and energy to pursue a creative life. The spiral is one of the most commonly found design forms in nature and is symbolic of growth and transformation. From the galaxies to DNA to our fingertips, spirals are prevalent in natural formations and are one of the most efficient ways for something to grow. For the past ten years, she has used her painting process as a method of internal excavating to discover her path.”


Justin Clements


Matthew Richter

Matthew Richter creates plein air painting and directly representational work. “The cycle of traveling into the land, observing nature, collecting impressions, and returning to the studio for further development brings satisfaction to me. Through this process I strive to produce uplifting and meaningful pieces that connect people to the source of life.”


Cally Krallman

“I have been painting in the Midwest, primarily Kansas, for over 20 years.  I have traveled to many places throughout the world but am still drawn to the simplistic beauty of Kansas. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking and calming at the same time. Regional art plays an important role in American history.  I feel it not only records our place in time, but it is a window for others to see the ordinary in a not so ordinary way.  I try to share that in each painting I create.”


Becky Drager

“Topeka artist Becky Drager graduated from Colorado State University with a BFA degree majoring in graphic design. In 2011 after 20 years of working in the graphics field, Becky returned to her home state of Kansas and began painting full time. She is very active in the arts community and organizations of Topeka.”


Jocelyn Woodson

Jocelyn Wooson has been doing art of some kind for as long as she can remember. She says, “more and more the idea has become embracing and celebrating this life – the wish is that you find joy…. There are miracles ! and the hope is, you are encouraged to live in the light.”


Daryl Price

Daryl Price paints historically inspired scenes from 1930s/40s America with an emphasis on jazz/blues musicians. The work is mostly realistic, but he liberally uses bright color and distortion. He uses no reference to create his paintings.


Anthony Grant

Anthony Grant is a self-taught artist with over 30 years of experience. He says, “I characterize my paintings as representational, Impressionism and abstract expressionism or a mix of all the above. I have always embraced color, texture and movement. I am an optimist, It’s just my nature, my goal is to bring only emotions of happiness to the viewer. I also get bored easily so I never stay with one genre for long. I move from landscapes to abstract hummingbirds to nudes on paper all in the same week. It keeps my mind and work fresh. I am presently excited about a series of American Indian Teepees paintings I’m working on. I love my day job!”


Rory Mattson

Albert Lea, MN

A nationally known wildlife artist, Rory Mattson has presented his paintings at art shows in nearly every major city in the Midwest. Employing a transparent watercolor style he describes as classic English, Mattson also is one of the only artists in the country to combine airbrush techniques with traditional watercolor painting.


Edward Bartoszek


Steve Hilt

Steve Hilt describes himself as an outdoor painter. He has benefited from the opportunities to visit places ranging from the bonefish flats of Florida to the rain swept tundra of the Alaskan peninsula. These experiences reflect themselves in the diversity of his paintings.


Karen Dreyer

Karen Dreyer worked as an emergency room nurse for 13 years but has found a passion in art, particularly painting. Her mother was also an artist so growing up; they always had the smell of oil paint in the house. Karen currently lives in Leawood, Kansas and spends a lot of her time painting.


Annie Glotzbach

Annie Glotzbach currently lives in Overland Park, Kansas and works in the medium of encaustic painting. Encaustic painting is the practice of painting with molten and pigmented beeswax and damar resin that is fused between layers with a blowtorch. She is self-taught and has won awards such as “Best In Show” at the Bartow Arts Festival in 2015


Taylor Kubicek

Taylor Kubicek works with oil and has a contemporary realist style that lends itself to contemplative symbolism by exploring subtle emotional qualities of familiar objects. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from MSSU with emphasis on Studio Art.



Dana Echols

Dana Echols says, “I mainly focus on design, lines, texture and color. I use digital cameras that enable me to enlarge up to 24″x36″ and even larger. My images are designed to create an artistic view of the natural scene. They are digitally captured and minimally processed. The images are then artist printed and mounted on cradled panels.”


Martha Moore

Martha Moore’s nature and wildlife photography emphasizes animal portraiture and expression. Her images are printed on archival paper or canvas, then matted and framed, or stretched as canvas wrap by the artist.


Jason Wallace

“The atmosphere blankets the landscape with curiosity and color,” says photographer Jason Wallace. “Each photo is developed with in-camera and digital processes, and finished pieces are printed on paper and canvas.”


Chris Coffey

Chris Coffey says, “As a young man I found a place for my creativity in music and the discipline of playing the same piece of music repeatedly prepared me for spending endless hours working on the same image over and over in a darkroom environment. From music I learned to love pattern and texture, rhythm and harmony, how everything must serve the message in a composition. In the 20 years between music and art I worked in the apparel industry where I learned the disciplines of business and value that experience as much as any. The person making the art and the one responsible for the business decisions are not even allowed to travel in the same vehicle.”


Alex Burke

Alex Burke photographs landscape images from the Great Plains and the West. All are created using 4″x5″ large format film processed by the artist. The images are printed on archival inkjet papers, mounted for a unique, glare-free viewing.


Jean Hutchison

Jean Hutchison is a photographer from Ottawa, Kansas. Her work consists of fine art photography featuring nature, landscapes and architecture which she personally prints on professional quality photo paper.


Thomas Stubbs

Tom Stubbs creates fine art photography with a focus on composition and impact. Though based in Topeka, his works feature diverse subjects from around the world. He uses large format film and high resolution digital. The archival printing and mounting is done by him in his studio.


Jim Walker

De Soto, KS

Jim Walker is a landscape photographer working to capture images that evoke emotion in our American prairies and woodlands. “The source of most of my images are the Kansas Flint Hills or nearby prairie-scapes; Kansas weather, sunrises and sunsets influence much of my composition.”


Ric Cummings

Photographer Ric Cummings creates black and white, and color images. He photographs things and places captured as seen, not manipulated but only adjusted as one would do in a darkroom. His archival prints are on rag paper, acid free with double mats.



Charley Forsyth



Robert Boyce

Phoenix, AZ

Arizona artist Robert Boyce creates his pieces using plasma cut copper, using fire on both sides of the copper for the colors and patterns. He makes fire-painted copper wall art using grinders for the depth. He also makes copper and glass illusion art with fire painted wind wings.


Dale Roark

Sculptor Dale Roark says “art has been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. My desire to create has been satisfied through drawing, painting, wildlife photography, and sculpture. I’ve taken my camera to a great many lonely places to escape the crowds and take in the beauty of the natural world and those who inhabit it. These are the subjects of my art. I hope my art will help others appreciate the need to preserve these animals and the habitats necessary to sustain them.”


Darren Miller

Darren Miller is an artist, professor, gallery director, and curator at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania. His main themes include power, identity, and control. He got his Masters in Fine Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.



Ken Nelsen

Maryville, MO

Ken Nelson creates boxes fabricated of contrasting turned hardwoods, including turned or carved elements in wood or other materials.

“Trained in sculpture, my work has evolved from traditional and exploratory sculpture to one of a kind furniture and is currently focused on an exploration of turned wood boxes in contrasting domestic and tropical hardwoods.”


Conrad Wempe

Emporia, KS


Carl Brooks

Olathe, KS