Saturday Family Days

Fun! Free! And open to the public!!!

(From 1:00 pm- 4:00pm)

  • April 22: Earth Day
    • Design sculptures using our endless supply of recycled materials. Save the earth by recycling!
  • May 20: “I Am ______________,” For All The World To See
    • Visit the exhibition For All The World To See. Join us in the ArtLab for a pin-making activity to show to the world your positive statement: “I am _____________!” Create drawings of your family, close or extended, and the roles you play in each others lives. Bring a copy of a photograph of yourself or your family to include in our mini “pup-up” museum.
  • July 15: Gone Fishing
    • Come to the ArtLab to create your own fish print using the Japanese art of Gyotaku, a traditional printing method using a real fish as the printing plate. No fish will be harmed in the making of our prints! We will use latex fish for printing!
  • August 5: International Friendship Day
    • Art brings people together. Create a piece of artwork that fosters friendships and tolerance to build community. Bring your friends and share time and art together!
  • October 28: Day of the Dead
    • Honor Dia de los Muertos by creating traditional and non-traditional Day of the Dead artworks such as papel picado, tissue marigolds (flowers of the dead), miniature ofrenda, calaveras masks, and monarch butterflies.
  • November 22-December 22
    • Bring an art supply to decorate our ArtLab giving tree! Your gift will be used to help provide free art activities for visitors to the Mulvane Art Museum’s ArtLab.

MulvaneArtMuseum_arches copy

*Featured Artwork: Gene Kloss, Cherry Blossom Time, Etching (From the Collection of the Mulvane Art Museum)