“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”– Pablo Picasso

At the Mulvane Art Museum, we believe that art matters. And more than that, we believe that art can change people’s lives. We know that it can change your life.

Here, you do more than gaze at art on the wall. You explore the story behind the art. You move through and marvel at larger-than-life installations. You connect with others. You create art of your very own.

The Mulvane is for everyone- art lovers, kids, adults, teens, students, and families. Art means different things to different people, but art always means something.Please scroll through the pictures below to view some of our beautiful artwork! How do these pieces speak to you?

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MulvaneArtMuseum_arches copy

*Featured Artwork: Rita & Steve Lohr, Untitled, Acrylic & Wire, (From the Collection of the Mulvane Art Museum)