Fairy Tales & Other Futile Fantasies

May 19- September 2, 2017

Topeka artist Michelle Leivan probes the unpredictable world of politics, social media, and popular culture in this on-going series of self-portraits. Combining the original artist’s self-portrait method and the modern selfie, Leivan creates colorful, fantastical paintings that are unconventional portrayals of contemporary myths suffused with satire. Fifty-word mini-sagas that become complex narratives accompany each piece.

According to Leivan, “My mission is to explore the depths of the human race, see beyond the superficial and emerge with insight with images and words that will delight and captivate people willing to pause and accompany me on the adventure. This mission permeates everything that I do in life whether it is painting, writing, teaching or helping other artists develop their product line with prints. It all involves seeing beyond the obvious and bringing meaning to our lives.”

For more information about Michelle and her compelling artwork check out her website or her Facebook page!



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